Just as I was heading off to bed on Friday night, I picked up my phone to see a text from Mum asking if I wanted to go and see some snowdrops some time in February. After pretty much instantly replying ‘YES!’, I was reminded of a post I’d started many moons ago (WordPress tells me it was 21 days ago although it doesn’t feel that long I’m sure…). The snowdrop season is short but beautiful, so go and see those little white bells of joy before it’s too late to catch them in 2015. I don’t know what it is, but seeing their beautiful green shoots as one of the first signs of garden life every year never ceases to make me feel positive about the year ahead. Here’s where you can track some down for yourself:

Country Living Magazine have a  2015 snowdrop visitors’ guide here.

You can search for snowdrop gardens on the National Garden Scheme website here. This site is also fab for all sorts of open gardens throughout the year, and you can wish away a whole year in planned garden visits without really trying (I know, I know I’m 28 going on 82).

Great British Gardens also have a lovely snowdrop list here if by some miracle you’ve not found somewhere via either of the above!

Finally, if anyone else is Hampshire based like I am, then as far as I can make out, these seem to be the best 3 local sites:

St George’s Church, Damerham near Fordingbridge (although we’ve just missed the 2015 Open Weekend- one for the 2016 list I think)

Bramdean House, also only open on Sunday just gone (if only I’d finished this post those 21 days ago…)

The Church of Our Lady in Warnford.

Do you know of any snowdrop gardens that are a must visit? Is it just an English thing or do you get snowdrops further afield?