Becoming a Lady for a Day

I became very ladylike earlier this month. Assisted by a lovely lady from the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS), I took part in a workshop accompanying the Symphony of Flowers Event in Winchester Cathedral (more on that another day). The task? To create a floral cupcake arrangement in oasis to take home.


There were several examples to use as inspiration, some very contemporary and almost geometric somehow.




I knew that I wanted to create something more relaxed and natural in style, but when it came to choosing colours I had no idea. I picked out a few bits of foliage from the selection on offer, and when describing this to the lady helping me she said ‘something that looks like an English country garden?’- exactly. She managed to find the words that I couldn’t.





I think I managed to achieve that aesthetic? This isn’t something I’d do very often, but I really enjoyed it as a one off. Plus, the arrangement made a beautiful addition to our kitchen table for a week or so. Gorgeous. Don’t you think they’d make ideal wedding centrepieces?