The Week #3


New blog discovery: tonight I joined in with Bloggers’ Book Club (organised by Jenny and Alice), and discovered Abigail’s blog Snug. I’m enjoying having a further root through the archives after I’ve finished this post! Until 30 minutes ago, I’d never heard of the Museum of London, so I’m excited to see what else I learn from Abigail.

Currently reading: This week I finished off this month’s Bloggers’ Book Club choice which was The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. Not my usual style, but I did really enjoy something not too ‘concentratey’ for the train to work. Next to be read is Wild by Cheryl Strayed which is my offline book club’s next read. I’m only a few chapters in but really enjoying it so far, although I doubt I’ll finish it in time to see the film in the cinema.

Currently enjoying: Getting back into photoshop. This has no online relevance whatsoever other than that I’ve finally designed myself a custom blog header, which has been in my head since I first started this little blog! I’ve been loving that you can buy a monthly subscription rather than shell out for the full cost of Photoshop. It’s perfect for occasional Photoshop users like myself.

Discovering: That there is such a thing as Adult Attachment Styles. I first saw reference to this in a news article about how women who need less closeness in their relationships feel more pain during childbirth if their partner is present than if their partner isn’t with them. I’d never heard of Attachment Styles before, so I did a bit of Internet research (how did anyone ever find things out before the WorldWideWeb?! I can’t imagine Encyclopedia Brittanica being any good on this one!) and found it fascinating. Your attachment style entirely develops in the first 2 years of your life- amazing. If you want to find out your own attachment style, try the quiz here.

Kept busy by: The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, the world’s biggest citizen science event. However nice the food I put out to entice some garden visitors was, it just wasn’t attracting the birds in at home. I spent my week thinking about where to head to undertake the count if sitting at home was a no go, and I spent my hour sitting on a bench in our local park instead- results to follow next week.

Nature story of the week: some good news this week- this article on how India’s tiger population has increased by 30%, but what really brought home to me what a dire place we’re in overall was the following paragraph: ‘The natural habitat of tigers in India – tropical evergreen forests, deciduous forests, mangrove swamps, thorn forests and grass jungles – has almost disappeared outside reserves. Even inside designated zones, unchecked development of tourism and other industries has restricted space and food. Many end up foraging in areas with large human populations, leading to fatalities.’ I find it so hard to comprehend sometimes the scale of destruction that mankind undertakes.

A final thought: have you heard about the Doomsday Clock? I hadn’t at all until this week, when it hit the news that it’s been put closer to midnight than it has in an age, although apparently we shouldn’t be worried.