Cake Suitable for Guy Fawkes’ Night


Today, I’m sharing my all-time favourite cake recipe. Being lucky enough to have an Autumn birthday, I’ve requested this as a birthday cake from my Mum year after year. It’s the most non-birthday cake cake ever, but is delicious, and so easy to make. The hardest part (purely because of the faff) is the peeling and chopping up of the apples. I’ve made up a batch of this for both Chris and I to take to work tomorrow, it’s so autumnal and perfect for Guy Fawkes’ Night. Continue reading

Becoming a Lady for a Day

I became very ladylike earlier this month. Assisted by a lovely lady from the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS), I took part in a workshop accompanying the Symphony of Flowers Event in Winchester Cathedral (more on that another day). The task? To create a floral cupcake arrangement in oasis to take home.


There were several examples to use as inspiration, some very contemporary and almost geometric somehow.




I knew that I wanted to create something more relaxed and natural in style, but when it came to choosing colours I had no idea. I picked out a few bits of foliage from the selection on offer, and when describing this to the lady helping me she said ‘something that looks like an English country garden?’- exactly. She managed to find the words that I couldn’t.





I think I managed to achieve that aesthetic? This isn’t something I’d do very often, but I really enjoyed it as a one off. Plus, the arrangement made a beautiful addition to our kitchen table for a week or so. Gorgeous. Don’t you think they’d make ideal wedding centrepieces?