The Week #2

Here are a few snippets of my online world over the past 7 days…

New blog discovery: Circle of Pine Trees. Another discovery via Instagram, Laura’s blog is beautiful and inspiring. I may have to have a go at making some Marmalade before the Seville season is over.

Currently reading: this week I finished The Bees by Laline Paull which is possibly the best book I’ve ever read. I’ll go into more detail at the end of the month but in short- mesmerising, imaginative and gripping.

Currently enjoying: feeling semi-human once again now the worst of last week’s cold has lifted and I can actually get on with things again. I’ve been whipping things into shape and with Pinterest for inspiration I’m loving reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube all about stationery and organisation. Yep, my stationery obsession has reached new levels! This post is a favourite so far, and one of those organisers is definitely going to be my 2016 diary.

Discovering: the online world of stationery, planning and organisation . I thought I had a stationery tendency, but Organized Jen introduced me to a whole new level of stationery organising and I’ve been watching far too many videos online on ‘How to organise your daily planner’. I feel my washi tape obsession deepening as I plan for how to get my own diary in order…

Kept busy by: Clean and Scentsible‘s Household Organization Diet. I’m miles behind as I lost half of January before I began, but even just decluttering a little feels SO good!

Nature story of the week: bit of a serious (and long) one this week, but if the name Bowland Betty doesn’t mean anything to you (and even if it does), then read this article. I still find it shocking that we live in a culture where all this happens in the name of sport.

A final thought: this article on The Guardian about depression gives a very real insight into how mental health conditions can be misinterpreted, and is well worth the read.

That’s this week all over- back to the daily grind a a new week ahead tomorrow…

Nature Notes #7


5 things to do this week:

1. Next weekend marks the 2015 Big Garden Birdwatch with the RSPB. All you need is a spare hour and a garden or park to watch. I’ll be bringing you more tips next Wednesday, so pop back then for more info. In the mean time, get yourself registered for the bird count here.

2. Use a rainy day or evening as an excuse to do some research. Find a place you really want to visit and find a date in your diary to do it. I’m thinking of finding a free weekend to actually go and see a Black Grouse lek somewhere…

3. If the weather is also really grey where you are, bring some nature inside with fresh flowers or some potted bulbs. If you have a local Lidl, have a look there- I got some bargainous pots of Muscari there last weekend and they have more bulbs in yesterday’s offers.

4. Look out for a scene near your house that captures the season. Next week I’ll be introducing a new project Capturing the Seasons, and you’ll need a local view or patch. Somewhere that’s likely to change throughout the year will be perfect.

5. Keep an eye out for Catkins- hazel catkins are *pun alert* springing up all around where I live and it really does feel as though the new season is just around the corner. If you’re a Nature Geek like me, you might also know that Alders produce catkins. I learnt a lot reading this blog post about the differences between the two.

2015 Reading Challenge


In an effort to tackle number 1 on my 30 before 30 list, I’ve set myself quite a tall order on my year’s reading via a GoodReads reading challenge- to read 50 books this year which works out at just under a book a week. Whilst I’ve never before counted how many books I read in any year, I think this is probably quite ambitious, but still achievable (I hope!). With 10 books already to read for my Book Club, plus those which I tend to read for Bloggers’ Book Club (although I’m yet to make the Skype chat), those alone should make a reasonable dent in the overall total.

If you want to follow my progress, feel free to follow or friend me on GoodReads (you can find me here).

One is not amused

Whilst I had hoped to be all up and running on the blog once we’d unpacked, Mr BT has had other ideas and won’t be coming to install our phone and internet until 7 January. Hence this face.


As I cannot cope with writing proper posts on my phone with only limited 3G, I’ll be somewhat MIA on here for a while.

I am looking forward to getting back online and posting as usual, but I have to say limited internet is quite blissful.

More soon and Season’s Greetings.


Winter walk round Brockholes Nature Reserve.

A lovely post from Sharon of Sunshines and Celandines about Brockholes near Preston. Only just off the motorway if you’re passing!

Sharon’s blog is also well worth a read in itself- filled with lovely photos and adventures.

sunshine and celandines

I recently realized Its very nearly the end of December and I hadn’t posted a #take12trips entry for this month. Yikes! Clare from Need Another Holiday started the idea off in the bloggersphere ~ encouraging other bloggers to get up off their behinds and visit one new place each month and write a little about it. Well as I absolutely need to get off mine ( totally over indulged this Christmas! ) I persuaded Wil that a good walk in the countryside was in order. We drove to Brockholes nature reserve just off junction 31 of the M6 near Preston. I have been here before as the amazing floating visitor centre has hosted the odd farmers market and craft fair. But today was all about the fresh air and wildlife. We picked up a free map from the interactive welcome centre and set off to walk the route round the…

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Christmas Drinks- The German Edition


As my computer seems to have swallowed up my Brussels photos, never to be seen again, I’m moving on from Belgium to my trip last week to Germany. My sister is working near a town called Gutersloh for 4 months, so I spent 3 nights there visiting Christmas markets and seeing what life is like on a UK Army Base.

I expected Gluhwein, but what I didn’t expect was the massive array of drinks on offer! Continue reading

The perfect antidote?

After my highly unpleasant flight company out to Germany, I had the complete opposite experience on a German train on Saturday. I guess that old saying- what goes around comes around- may well be true.

Having spent most of my journey to Dortmund standing up, when the train eventually emptied out, I found an empty seat. Having had a bit of a chat with my sister in the row behind, the elderly German lady next to me asked if we were English and what dialect we were speaking in as she didn’t understand it. She explained that her English was only what she had learnt at school, proper BBC English I think, so she couldn’t understand us. My German is non-existent so we chatted in broken English for the rest of the journey. I love having chats with strangers sometimes, and hearing about how this lady was off to Dortmund for her sister’s 87th birthday. It was beautiful to feel so welcomed by a local.

It turns out there are lovely people in his world and for that I am very thankful.