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Positivity #1


I’ve seen a lot on the blogosphere and Instagram about the #100happydays project- all about appreciating the little things in life and being more mindful. Its something I’ve tried to do in recent months (the same principle as where my 10 things posts initially came from), really enjoying the positives and appreciating what I have.

Although I’ve been too busy to post recently, this is something I’ve been doing everyday- noticing the little things in a day that make me smile. What I’m not sure I like about the #100happy days project is the timescale. Surely this is a mindset for life, not for only 100 days? That said, it’s a perfect stance to take in life (I think so, anyway), and after the 100 days are over, I suppose it should have shifted our focus onto the little, positive things that happen every day.

It has, however, inspired me to revamp 10 things that made me happy in a week, to one thing that made me happy each day of that week. I think that’s harder somehow, as on the bad days the positives, however small, can sometimes be hard to see. The start of a new month has been the final kick I needed to get my act together with these weekly posts again. I’ve had an amazing week this week though, so I suspect the positives may be slightly smaller next time round!

Saturday 1 February- although held up in beginnings by my address confusing her satnav, I had a lovely day with Sarah coming to stay- walks in the blustery wind followed by warming up in a lovely pub.

Sunday 2 February- After weeks of visiting cat rescues and not finding the one for us, we finally found a gorgeous pair of ginger cats (one tom, one queen), who will be coming home with us tomorrow! I cannot wait, and have been cat proofing the house like a madwoman.

Monday 3 February- Having been offered one job I was interviewed for last week, I was also offered the other one and had a bit of an awkward task of taking that call on my work landline surrounded by colleagues. I came home to dance round the house and celebrated with a glass of red wine.

Tuesday 4 February- A beautiful, sunny day and I got to be working outside to appreciate it. This is what I will really miss when I start my new job.

Wednesday 5 February- another day outside, this time right on the coast to see the tidal storm surge at its fiercest. I parked well away from the sea wall!

Thursday 6 February- Chris cooked us a beautiful fish pie for dinner. I’ve started Slimming World recently and the recipes we’ve tried have been a bit variable but this one was lovely.

Friday 7 February- there were only a few of us in the office today, so that coupled with knowing I’m moving on soon made me very appreciative of having such lovely colleagues.

All in all, I feel rather content and life is pretty good right now. Looking forward to what next week brings.