Back to life

I’ve been a busy bee of late. First there was the big move, then Christmas and a lot of unpacking, followed by a January filled with job applications and interviews.


Anyhow, with that all out of the way , and a lovely chilled weekend behind me, I can devote a bit more time to this little blog.


I’ve got lots of plans ahead, and I’ve been scribbling away all sorts of ideas and inspiration. Recently I’ve also been taking advantage of an early start to the week on a Monday, grabbing a coffee before work for a bit of me time and to get things done- I don’t like to be bored or lacking in things to keep me occupied. But this morning was fully ‘me’- no job applications or interview prep today!

It feels good to have my own time back, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. I’ve also had time to get back to my book- this month’s Bloggers Book Club title- ready for discussion next Thursday 13 February, here.


I’m also excited to spend some time at home, chilling out with Chris and enjoying having a home to call our own. There is plenty to be done in the house, but both our heads are brimming with ideas that can only be accomplished one at a time.

So, hello again from me. I hope to be back here more often in the next few months.


We’ve moved!

Today, we get the keys to our very first home. Excited is not the word.


However, this does mean that until Mr BT arrives on Monday to install the phoneline and broadband, I am without internet access. Fear not, I’ve scheduled enough posts to see me over the festive season, but I’ll be unpacking dusty boxes and arranging furniture for the next few days.

My Christmas will be hectic. But lovely.

Back soon x

Ok, I give up


This month has been so busy. To be entirely truthful, I am amazed that I’ve got this far with Blog Every Day in November. But, it is time for me to accept the inevitable and admit that for the rest of the month, #BEDN is no more on this blog. I’d like to finish the topics, but perhaps not before the end of the month.

Between now and Christmas, I’ve got 2 trips abroad, 13 working days and one house purchase to contend with so blogging may have to take a little of a back seat. I have lists of ideas lined up, just no time to put them into existence.

So, please bear with me whilst I sort out everything else going on in my life. I will be back here regularly soon.

Don’t forget my Advent Calendar starts on Sunday, so pop back every day in December for an advent post. I’ll make sure all 24 of them are up on time.



So…you know that rather long break from me blogging all through October? One of the many things I was up to was house-hunting, and now the paperwork is pretty much sorted, I can happily reveal that Chris and I are buying our very first home!

I know everyone has different taste, but this was a rather questionable bedroom in a showhome that I simply had to share- boudoir anyone? This is very definitely not what we’re aiming for with our decor!


For that very reason, expect a lot more ‘housey’ posts- think interiors and gardens. Continue reading


You’ve probably noticed. I’ve had a bit of a layout shake up. I wanted something minimal, simple and easy to navigate.

I’d love to know what you think- let me know below.


It’s been a while

Sorry- another long absence from the blog. I’ve been ridiculously busy in October and time has flown by.

I’ve been building up a ‘must blog’ list but with everything going on in my personal life, blogging has slipped to the bottom of my to do list. It’s a shame as I find so much positivity in sharing the things I love and the blogging community in general, and it makes me so much happier to have something like this to fill my time with. Even if no one is reading, it still feels good to share!

So, it could not be more perfectly timed that Elizabeth over at Rosalilium has organised Blog Every Day in November #BEDN

I took part in Elizabeth’s last challenge back in May and loved it, so I’m excited to take part again. I have to say the topics this time around initially are making me think a bit harder than before, so my brain is thinking hard already for ideas!

Looking forward to sharing life with you all.