Cheating on Moleskine

Its no secret, I love stationery. Always have and I suspect I always will. I love this time of year when all the shops fill with calendars and diaries, ready to start the new year afresh. I have to admit though, over recent years I’ve become a creature of habit and year on year I’ve filled a Moleskine planner with thoughts, appointments and notes.

Previously, I’ve had a variety of sizes, some soft-cover, some hard-cover but always the weekly notebook diary/planner with a black cover- with 7 days laid out on the left and a page for notes on the right. I always fill my diaries with all manner of reminders, thoughts and lists, so spare space to add all that in is a must for me.

So, it is somewhat breaking the mould that in Germany, I purchased my 2014 edition. And it isn’t Moleskine. Or black.


Instead, I’ve opted for this lovely bluey-lilac version from German brand Leuchtterm 1917. I have to confess to eyeing up their notebooks in Paperchase over here and when I was faced with a whole spinner of notebooks and diaries in German department store Karstadt, I was sold- it was just a matter of choosing which colour. Somehow, for me Moleskines should always be black. I’ve toyed with a couple of coloured notebooks, and they just don’t feel like Moleskine somehow- they ought to be classic, sleek black in my view. Leuchtturm, however come in all colours of the rainbow!

In another break from the norm, I also strayed away from the weekly notebook/planner and went for a week to view option- we’ll see how I get on with that in due course! Although 2014 is still some time away, I’m already impressed. The details are superb (slide out address book tucked in the back, spine and cover stickers, some perforated pages in the back to avoid messy tear outs) and the range also offers a stick in pen holder- perfect for someone like me who always tries to tuck a pen into my Moleskine, wrecking the spine. I was so impressed, I also picked up a little notebook. Squared paper is my weakness, and this little one is perfect- complete with the same attention to detail including an index and numbered pages.

Stationery geek heaven.



New love: Beautiful Mess

Apart from my relatively recent uptake of Instagram, dalliance with Hipstamatic and occasional use of 360, I’ve not got massively on board with photo editing apps. However, having seen a few references to(and lovely pics from) Beautiful Mess on Instagram, I figured for the princely sum of £0.69 that it was worth a go. And you know what? One edited photo later and I love it! Easy to use, handmade feel to the in app additions of text and borders- I think it may be my new best friend when it comes to quick blog posts on the go. Here’s my first effort, I’m sure there will be more.