Hello 2016


I have a confession. Not only have I been off the blogging wagon, over the last month I’ve also been off the planner wagon. Whilst I’ve always loved stationery and nothing more than a shiny new diary to start the year, in February last year I discovered the online world of organising and planning blogs and videos. I ordered my first Filofax almost immediately (after doing a lot of reasearch as to which one I wanted- they’re not cheap!) and got planning!

More on how that went and has been going another time, but I wanted to get back onto the blog and felt inspired to do so when trying to get both Chris and I organised and motivated at home for the new year. I’ve been using a lot of online resources so thought it might be worth sharing them here.

My work diary for 2016 (I have an 18 month one so have been using it for 6 months already and love it!) is the week to view version of Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner. I’d tried out Emily’s products before ordering as she has an amazing array of free printables, which you can access here. The first one I’ve turned to for my own use is the 2016 at a glance which I’ll be sticking up over my desk at home. If you prefer a desk calendar, I love this idea which I spied on Pinterest as how to create your own calendar with photographs. If you fancy a ready made one, I’m still tempted to print out this motivational quote desk calendar.

One of the things I really wanted to do this year was really look at what we want to achieve over the year. I’ve made a lot of changes to my life for the better over the past 12 months and I want to continue that into this year. To do this, one of the thing I want to track is monthly goals. I used to think this sort of thing was a load of nonsense, but I do really think that without a plan, it’s harder to stay on track.

I also wanted a month to view calendar to add the little things we want to achieve each month. I plan to add them to a clipboard on the wall and list one thing for us to do per day of the month. These vary from little things like ‘hang the blind in the study‘ to bigger weekend jobs like ‘dig over whole allotment‘. Hopefully by writing jobs down we can actually make progress as we have somewhere to be accountable to! Our clipboard is portrait A4 so I’ve printed this free calendar. I also love this one which is landscape A4.

Are you trying anything new this year to keep you motivated?


An insight

Although I am away, I took a series of photos earlier this week for a little insight into my blogging space- where I sit down in the spare room on my laptop and write. It’s a small space, but I’ve recently tidied it up and it’s somewhere calm and peaceful where I can take myself away from the world for a few minutes to share my life.

IMG_8939IMG_8940 IMG_8944IMG_8946 IMG_8954

I love my little hideaway, and am looking forward to creating a new one in the new house.

What about you, have you shared your blogging space?


So…you know that rather long break from me blogging all through October? One of the many things I was up to was house-hunting, and now the paperwork is pretty much sorted, I can happily reveal that Chris and I are buying our very first home!

I know everyone has different taste, but this was a rather questionable bedroom in a showhome that I simply had to share- boudoir anyone? This is very definitely not what we’re aiming for with our decor!


For that very reason, expect a lot more ‘housey’ posts- think interiors and gardens. Continue reading

Succulent Bowl

Here’s an easy project for your home- a cute little bowl of succulents.


I just love succulents. I think its their fleshy, geometric shaped leaves and the fact that they are easy to care for. I’ve been lusting after miniature ones for a while since I discovered The Sill on Instagram- I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve searched mini succlent on Google to find something similar this side of the Atlantic. So, when I came across these mini plants in my local Homebase, I knew they were a must have.


When I bought them, I had the idea of using them to fill our selection of vintage shot glasses but when I got back to the kitchen I discovered that they weren’t as tiny as I’d thought- there was no way they were fitting in! Instead, when grouped with a cutting from one of my existing succulents, they were the perfect fit for this beautiful sugar bowl I’d found for 40p at the local Car Boot in perfect condition. They’ve been living happily on my coffee table since.


Do you have succulents in your home? Any tips for how to plant them up?

Otterly mad

I’ve gone crazy for Wild Olive and the printables on her Etsy store this week. When I signed up to the Summer Stitch club, I couldn’t resist adding the gorgeous Otter Meal Planning Kit to my basket. We’ve been getting really into meal planning over the past couple of months and usually resort to the nearest scruffy bit of paper to plan our week’s dinners on or a tiny notelet for a shopping list!


This set is perfect – it has recipe cards, a weekly planner and a shopping list. Plus, it is all covered in otterly brilliant otter puns- love it! Who doesn’t need otters in their life? Our fridge is now covered in otter organisation.


Do you meal plan? Any tips on being organised?

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Lusting after all of this range

Its been ages since I last hit up Tiger. Its a good job there’s not one of these closer to home or I’d have a house full of non essentials and a diminishing bank balance. A little trip to the Basingstoke store on Sunday resulted in a few lovely bits and pieces and a growing wishlist.


Bowls £2, Wine Stopper £2, Measuring Spoons £2, Cards 2 for £1, Spices £1 each

Added to the mental I don’t need it but list are:

Mr and Mrs Pepperpot, £7

Lovely trays. £4 large, £3 small

Display cabinet, £10