World Wetland Day 2015




Have you ever heard of Ramsar? Thought not. It’s the Iranian city on the shores of the Caspian Sea that gives it’s name to the world’s most important Wetlands- Ramsar sites, protected here in the UK under European law. Protecting these sites is something I deal with at work nearly every day, so I know how valuable and vulnerable these sites are, but I saw a statistic this morning that truly shocked me:

64% of our wetlands have disappeared since 1900.

64%. In 115 years. I just find that incomprehensible. Here in the UK we’re lucky enough to have 170 of these vitally important natural sites, and since 1997, 2 February has been celebrated as World Wetland Day, the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971. This doesn’t mean all is well. Whilst these sites are afforded some protection they’re still constantly threatened by our actions- development, climate change, sea level rise and habitat loss.

Happy World Wetlands Day to you all!


So, on the 44th anniversary of the convention, why don’t you consider making a pledge to help secure the future of our wetlands?

As for me, pledge to share the majesty of our wetlands with as many people as possible, both here, in my professional and personal life. If we don’t take small steps to action, we may find it’s too late to continue to appreciate these sites, and reap the benefits they provide to the world around us.

Let’s hope that we (and future generations) can have wetlands to enjoy way into the futures.



Just as I was heading off to bed on Friday night, I picked up my phone to see a text from Mum asking if I wanted to go and see some snowdrops some time in February. After pretty much instantly replying ‘YES!’, I was reminded of a post I’d started many moons ago (WordPress tells me it was 21 days ago although it doesn’t feel that long I’m sure…). The snowdrop season is short but beautiful, so go and see those little white bells of joy before it’s too late to catch them in 2015. I don’t know what it is, but seeing their beautiful green shoots as one of the first signs of garden life every year never ceases to make me feel positive about the year ahead. Here’s where you can track some down for yourself:

Country Living Magazine have a  2015 snowdrop visitors’ guide here.

You can search for snowdrop gardens on the National Garden Scheme website here. This site is also fab for all sorts of open gardens throughout the year, and you can wish away a whole year in planned garden visits without really trying (I know, I know I’m 28 going on 82).

Great British Gardens also have a lovely snowdrop list here if by some miracle you’ve not found somewhere via either of the above!

Finally, if anyone else is Hampshire based like I am, then as far as I can make out, these seem to be the best 3 local sites:

St George’s Church, Damerham near Fordingbridge (although we’ve just missed the 2015 Open Weekend- one for the 2016 list I think)

Bramdean House, also only open on Sunday just gone (if only I’d finished this post those 21 days ago…)

The Church of Our Lady in Warnford.

Do you know of any snowdrop gardens that are a must visit? Is it just an English thing or do you get snowdrops further afield?

Vintage Treasures

I don’t think there’s anything better on a Sunday than stumbling across an unexpected Antiques sale in a village hall, is there? Chris spotted the signs for this one after we’d had brunch with friends and when we popped in to explore, there were a few treasures I just couldn’t leave without.


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Yorkshire- Inspiration Please!

Hello. I’m looking to you all for some ideas. In July, I have a week to spend in deepest, darkest Yorkshire with Chris and my parents and not a clue where to go during our time there. Other than 3 years at University in Sheffield, I’ve only been there when I’ve been too young to want to explore places other than theme parks. Lightwater Valley aside, I need some ideas please!  Continue reading

Feeling foxy

I’m a lucky lady. Not just because of this beautiful gift, but he really is rather gorgeous, isn’t he? This little chap was my anniversary present from Chris this year. I’ve been lusting after Tatty Devine jewellery for a long time, but until now, I’d never owned anything from them.

IMG_2758I think this may be the only necklace I wear for quite some time- what a beauty, Chris chose very well indeed.