The Week #4


New blog discovery: While I’ve followed Helen on twitter for ages, I realised this week that I’ve not actually read her blog before. The mention of this post on Twitter this week was what got me interested, and while she’s far more stylish than I’ll ever be, there’s gorgeous photography and style inspiration galore (although I might just try that cake recipe before an outfit idea…)

Currently reading: All I’ve read this week has been the remainder of Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I’ve absolutely loved it and although I’ve not got the sort of life issues Cheryl had to get to grips with, it seriously makes me want to get out there and do something similar. It’s made me realise I could do with a bit more time for self-reflection and self-improvement. I loved this memoir so much, I slowed down my reading rate for the second half so it would last a little longer.

Currently enjoying: Organising, organising, organising! I’d already been starting to get things together at the start of the year, but a comment from my boss has made me take it further. I’ve always been thought of as super organised at work (not quite the same at home, but I’m working on it!), so when she saw how my heavy workload was making me frantic and chaotic with a to do list all over the place, and commented that I should take a bit of time out to get back to myself and my way of working, it spurred me into doing it. Expect a few posts over the next few months, but My Planner‘s YouTube Channel has been kicking me into getting all kinds of organised! It takes time, but I’m feeling on top of things workwise, and have found a system that works for me. Homewise, I’m getting there- a mission for February really…

Discovering: that I’m both fascinated by (and also sick to my teeth already of) the UK general election build up. There’s a fascinating article here about engaging with young voters. I just wish the main political parties took note- I’ve always found that as a demographic, we (although I’m not sure I still count as a ‘young’ voter?!) are often overlooked for other generations, and too often assumed to be apathetic.

A Kept busy by: Planning our very belated housewarming party which we’re finally having in March (only 15 months after we moved in, and we don’t even have any excuses like renovating, we’ve just been rather slow!). We’re hosting a murder mystery by Freeform Games. I’ve played a few of their mysteries before and really enjoyed them, so I’m excited to find out what this brings.

Nature story of the week: Cheating a little here, as this is actually from a few weeks back, but it’s so good it’s worth mentioning again. Possibly my favourite Twitter hashtag (after #SuperbOwl), have you seen #worstbirdpic? Hours of entertainment, or have a look at the summary here instead.

A final thought: I thought that Rosie‘s article here was spot on, and I’ve felt like that myself, time and time again. I’m planning on taking that list of 16 Steps to Happiness and starting on Friday on my day off, I’m going to give all 16 steps a go. Massive thanks to Rosie for sharing, it resonates so much with me and makes me realise that I’m not along in feeling like that sometimes.

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