The Week #2

Here are a few snippets of my online world over the past 7 days…

New blog discovery: Circle of Pine Trees. Another discovery via Instagram, Laura’s blog is beautiful and inspiring. I may have to have a go at making some Marmalade before the Seville season is over.

Currently reading: this week I finished The Bees by Laline Paull which is possibly the best book I’ve ever read. I’ll go into more detail at the end of the month but in short- mesmerising, imaginative and gripping.

Currently enjoying: feeling semi-human once again now the worst of last week’s cold has lifted and I can actually get on with things again. I’ve been whipping things into shape and with Pinterest for inspiration I’m loving reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube all about stationery and organisation. Yep, my stationery obsession has reached new levels! This post is a favourite so far, and one of those organisers is definitely going to be my 2016 diary.

Discovering: the online world of stationery, planning and organisation . I thought I had a stationery tendency, but Organized Jen introduced me to a whole new level of stationery organising and I’ve been watching far too many videos online on ‘How to organise your daily planner’. I feel my washi tape obsession deepening as I plan for how to get my own diary in order…

Kept busy by: Clean and Scentsible‘s Household Organization Diet. I’m miles behind as I lost half of January before I began, but even just decluttering a little feels SO good!

Nature story of the week: bit of a serious (and long) one this week, but if the name Bowland Betty doesn’t mean anything to you (and even if it does), then read this article. I still find it shocking that we live in a culture where all this happens in the name of sport.

A final thought: this article on The Guardian about depression gives a very real insight into how mental health conditions can be misinterpreted, and is well worth the read.

That’s this week all over- back to the daily grind a a new week ahead tomorrow…


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