Nature Notes #7


5 things to do this week:

1. Next weekend marks the 2015 Big Garden Birdwatch with the RSPB. All you need is a spare hour and a garden or park to watch. I’ll be bringing you more tips next Wednesday, so pop back then for more info. In the mean time, get yourself registered for the bird count here.

2. Use a rainy day or evening as an excuse to do some research. Find a place you really want to visit and find a date in your diary to do it. I’m thinking of finding a free weekend to actually go and see a Black Grouse lek somewhere…

3. If the weather is also really grey where you are, bring some nature inside with fresh flowers or some potted bulbs. If you have a local Lidl, have a look there- I got some bargainous pots of Muscari there last weekend and they have more bulbs in yesterday’s offers.

4. Look out for a scene near your house that captures the season. Next week I’ll be introducing a new project Capturing the Seasons, and you’ll need a local view or patch. Somewhere that’s likely to change throughout the year will be perfect.

5. Keep an eye out for Catkins- hazel catkins are *pun alert* springing up all around where I live and it really does feel as though the new season is just around the corner. If you’re a Nature Geek like me, you might also know that Alders produce catkins. I learnt a lot reading this blog post about the differences between the two.


3 thoughts on “Nature Notes #7

  1. I got my mum to do the Big Garden Birdwatch last year as she has an amazing garden with a resident woodpecker family and visiting pheasants.I only have a yard so only get the odd visitor really…..and its on all the neighbors cats territory maps I think!

    • Pretty much the same as me. IF there is tasty food out and no cats in sight then I get the odd wood pigeon or great tit and the local starlings come and go as they please so will be a quiet one for our garden! My mum’s garden is also a haven for birds- it’s always distracting when I pop in for a cuppa.

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