2015 Reading Challenge


In an effort to tackle number 1 on my 30 before 30 list, I’ve set myself quite a tall order on my year’s reading via a GoodReads reading challenge- to read 50 books this year which works out at just under a book a week. Whilst I’ve never before counted how many books I read in any year, I think this is probably quite ambitious, but still achievable (I hope!). With 10 books already to read for my Book Club, plus those which I tend to read for Bloggers’ Book Club (although I’m yet to make the Skype chat), those alone should make a reasonable dent in the overall total.

If you want to follow my progress, feel free to follow or friend me on GoodReads (you can find me here).


6 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenge

  1. Good Luck! I’m trying to get back into reading books.But on a smaller scale.One a month.Thats good for me these days.Just finished the Minaturist which I enjoyed. Must look up my old Good Reads account.x

  2. Yes, that’s pretty ambitious but also do-able I think. Mine is only 20 but I didn’t quite make that in 2014 so that’s plenty of a challenge for me. Look forward to hearing more about it!

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