The Week #1

A new year and a new series: meet The Week. A weekly round up of clippings from around the web.

I’ve had a hideous week having been hit by a horrible strain of cold/flu and barely got out of bed from Wednesday to Friday other than to make the next dose of Lemsip. Chris has been an absolute star keeping me fed and watered every evening and I’m feeling a lot brighter- it’s put a pause on my move more, get fitter New Year’s Resolutions though!

Here are a few snippets that made my week that little bit better…

New blog discovery: The Kittchen by Kit Graham is filled to the brim with deliciousness (Plus her foodie Instagram is well worth a follow @thekittchen). I’m planning on making those Lemon Curd and Raspberry muffins with the last of my freezer raspberries ASAP.

Currently reading: This week I finished off one of my Christmas pressies, Tudor: The Family Story by Leandra de Lisle and read the first Hunger Games novel by Suzanne Collins from cover to cover. More detail on my monthly reads and watches at the end of the month. Magazine wise, I’ve had both Mollie Makes and Love Patchwork and Quilting pop through the letterbox this week. Sadly my love for Mollie is diminishing and each issue seems to have fewer projects that I want to try. I’ll see what February’s issue has to offer, but if I still feel the same I think I’ll be cancelling my subscription.

Currently Enjoying: the #30dayyogachallenge from Yoga with Adriene via Youtube. I was loving this 3 days in until the cold/flu hit. Now, I have about a week of videos to catch up with!

Discovering: Project Life, and after a trip to Hobbycraft I’m itching to get scrapbooking and keep a record of my year.

Kept busy by: The big news down here is the grounding of the Hoegh Osaka slap bang in the middle of the Solent. It (potentially) affects my day job, plus Dad’s a recently retired Southampton Pilot too so it’s been very interesting to see how it’s all played out so far. Thankfully everyone is safe, but the discovery of this parody account gave me a good giggle.

Nature story of the week: This is new to me this week, but dates back to last September. Have a good watch of the video linked from this web page about the Canadian fisherman who discovered an exhausted Bald Eagle, took it aboard and filmed the whole thing with running commentary. Brilliant!

A final thought: I suspect I’m not the only one who agrees with the views in this article from . Again, it’s an old article but it came up on The Guardian’s list of popular articles when I was reading the virtual newspaper earlier in the week.

Hope you’ve all made the most of the weekend wherever you are.


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