30 before 30

January has got me thinking. I’ve missed this little blog and although I might not post that often, I’m going to get back to it every now and then. I feel better having something here, just for me.

Something that I’ve been reflecting on for a while now is that my 30th birthday is fast approaching. I don’t feel bad about that, I’m actually quite looking forward to it, but I want to use the countdown as motivation to make more of life. Forget New Year’s resolutions, the things on this list are a mixture of what I’ve been wanting to do for ages as well as things that should change my life for the better. Ok, here goes…

  1. Read more.
  2. Read more non-fiction (especially those books gathering dust on the shelves)
  3. Actually add reviews to TripAdvisor rather than just going on other people’s
  4. Start ‘yearlisting’ and keep it up.
  5. Play board games with friends more often.
  6. Learn to let go and ditch things and people who don’t add to my life.
  7. Give blood.
  8. Complete one full ‘photo a day’ year.
  9. Go to Iceland.
  10. Finish my first quilt.
  11. Finally develop the films I used in Venice in 2010.
  12. Get back into film photography and use it to document 2015 and 2016.
  13. Decorate the house non-magnolia.
  14. Go to the ballet.
  15. Book accommodation abroad via Airbnb.
  16. Go to London 4 times a year to visit galleries.
  17. Raise money for charity.
  18. Draw more.
  19. Train to bird ring.
  20. Cycle once a month.
  21. Try yoga.
  22. Make more time for myself.
  23. Complete the 3 Peaks challenge.
  24. Learn Dutch.
  25. Go to the Netherlands and speak Dutch confidently (one for 2016 I think!).
  26. Know about wine than that I like Pinot Grigio.
  27. Go to the cinema once a month.
  28. Get outside and walk every weekend (even if only to the shops).
  29. Learn to scuba dive.
  30. Run a marathon.

I’ll pop this list on a new tab so I can check back, but I’ll come up with an update in October by the big 2-9 to check in on my progress before the 12 months countdown begins!


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