Nature Notes #5

5 things to do this week:

There are still so many butterflies around- make a note of those you see.

Enjoy the beautiful light in the evenings at the moment- that ‘golden hour’ seems to be at about 6pm onwards for me.

On a sunny day, take a picnic blanket, thermos of tea or coffee and some china mugs and sit somewhere outside, it’s so lovely enjoying an outside cuppa from a proper mug.

Plan a weekend in October to get outside and see somewhere new on a long walk.

Keep an eye on those leaves, are they just beginning to turn?


One thought on “Nature Notes #5

  1. I’ve noticed a golden hour about 7am in the morning as well – it’s not usually a time I’d be staring out the window but I’ve been waking up to take my medication when the other half goes to work and then I’ve been spending a bit of time looking at the gorgeous early morning light on the trees in next door’s garden. Even though I can’t get around very well with my broken ankle, I can certainly admire the view! 🙂 xx

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