Hatton House


We spent last weekend in Cambridge for a wedding, and used the trip as the perfect opportunity to test out Airbnb. I’ve loved the idea of the site since I heard about it, but Chris wasn’t quite so keen. After scouring the site to try and find somewhere reasonably priced but not too far from the city, I stumbled across Hatton House B&B in Longstanton and placed a reservation. On arriving, I think we were both struck by the serenity of the house and it’s gardens- a beautiful yellow brick house surrounded by gardens and ponds, it was picture-postcard perfect.
IMG_1042 IMG_1031 IMG_1038 IMG_1036

The whole house had an air of tranquility- fresh flowers, candles burning, clean white walls and light filled rooms (both our bedroom and bathroom had windows on both sides overlooking the gardens)- it was bliss and I just wish I’d had longer there to relax in that bath or lounge around longer reading in bed on a Sunday morning. The 8 free-range chickens clucking and scuttling around the grounds were just an added bonus.


Highly recommended- Jayne was the perfect host and I can’t wait to head back there next time we head to the city. When we found out our room with a delicious breakfast was only £20 more than a night in a dorm room at one of the Cambridge colleges, it seemed even better value, and I can’t wait to book another break via Airbnb.


2 thoughts on “Hatton House

  1. we booked a bijou apartment with airbnb when we went to Paris.It was just perfect and so reasonably priced.They cater for all budgets and if you check the reviews on tripadvisor etc you should be fine.Looks like you found a beautiful place to stay.I will def use them again too.:)

  2. This looks lovely! I really want to try airbnb as so many people have said such good things! Right, this is me resolving to do actually try it, the next available opportunity.

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