Styling the Seasons- September

I love a good blogging project, so when I came across a gorgeously styled dinner table on Charlotte’s Instagram with the hashtag #stylingtheseasons I was intrigued.The project is a collaboration between Charlotte (of Lotts and Lots) and Katy from Apartment Apothecary and you can see their September efforts here and here.

The idea of taking a bit of time each month to really stop and appreciate the time of year and reflect it in your home really resonated with me as the year just passes so fast it’s difficult to find time to stop and appreciate it. I love the brightness of Charlotte’s dinner table- it makes me instantly happy to see all those colours, and as for Katy’s post, that String shelving has been firmly added to my dream home wishlist (see the whole of her beautiful study here– it’s perfection. I’m off to Winchester tomorrow and I think a trip to The Hambledon for one of those beautiful pastel vases may be in order).

What I’ve loved about this project is it shows how differently we all see the changing year. While others are clinging on to the last bursts of summer, for me this month has been about embracing the new season and enjoying the signs of autumn all around. I’ve been outside a lot this month, so it only makes sense for my September #stylingtheseasons to be all about bringing the outside in, and I’ve been gathering a few bits and bobs from out and about to gather together and style a space- using props on a coffee table, and then bringing them together on a tray on my dining table for something which is a lot more cat friendly.

IMG_0943 IMG_0945 IMG_0968 IMG_0970 IMG_0955

You can keep an eye out for other people’s #stylingtheseasons by keeping an eye out for the hashtag on social media, or use it to join in too.


One thought on “Styling the Seasons- September

  1. I love this idea – such a lovely way to embrace the changing colours throughout the year. We have a gorgeous fireplace surround in our living room which will (at some point) be fitted with a wood burner; when it’s all finished I’m hoping to use the top of the mantelpiece as a place to style the changing seasons. 🙂 xx

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