Making a Change


Hello. It’s been a while, I’m not sure you remember me?

I’ve taken a bit of a break lately to get things in order. Earlier in the year I found that I’d started to find my own blog a bit stale and with everything else going on, it took a back seat while other things have fallen into place. Way back in ooh, March I think, I went on a photography and styling course with the very lovely Emily Quinton of Makelight. I think the time has passed to share that day, but one of the things Emily said that day really stuck with me and made me consider my little corner of the internet in a different way.

One of the other ladies asked Emily about creating a brand, and her response was to remember that your brand is you, and the most interesting blogs out there are those with an identity that truly reflects the writer. I think its all too easy in this digital world to become so inspired by everything around you, to want to be everything, to do everything and to do it all perfectly. When I thought about it, what my blog had become was an amalgamation of all the different subjects I’ve felt inspired by across the blogosphere, and not what I originally designed it to be- sunshine, sharing and positive thoughts.

By taking such a long break I’ve had a long think about what I want this blog to be a reflection of, and I’ve had time to think about how to get it there. In baby steps, I’ve got a few things planned that I’m very excited to share with everyone, and I’m looking forward to making this blog a truer reflection of myself.

Thanks for standing by while things were a bit quiet.

Josie x


6 thoughts on “Making a Change

  1. Yay! Welcome back. 😀 I constantly have these phases where I take breaks and reassess and actually, even though some readshership dips, I think it’s healthy for yourself and your blog to be reactive to how you change and not just how the blogosphere changes around you. I am always wanting to blog lots of stuff, and get involved in different series and projects but I have to tell myself I can’t do it all. And when I ignore my own advice I often take on too much and then burn myself out. I do always try to be true to myself though and only do/blog what I enjoy.

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