Vintage Treasures

I don’t think there’s anything better on a Sunday than stumbling across an unexpected Antiques sale in a village hall, is there? Chris spotted the signs for this one after we’d had brunch with friends and when we popped in to explore, there were a few treasures I just couldn’t leave without.


I have recently developed a fondness for Natural History Observers Books, after picking one up in a charity shop last year. I’ve got a couple from eBay, so when I found these for £1 each, I couldn’t resist adding to my collection. They also had two copies of British Wild Animals which I would love, but they were in pretty poor, damp condition so I gave that one a miss this time.


I know they’re meant to have dust jackets, but I actually prefer them like this, with their little cloth covers. This darling robin tin was too sweet to pass up for £1. I don’t know whether it should be a pin box or pill box, but I think I’ll use it for needles, or just to look at- it’s so, so tiny.


Finally, these just called to me- a hen and cockerel cruet set. I hate powdered pepper and salt shakers to actually use (I’m all about the fresh ground black pepper), but I just love these two. Once our kitchen has some shelves up, I’ll find a permanent home for this lovely little pair. The lady I bought them from suggested I patch up their wattle and combs with red nail varnish, but I actually love them more for being a bit shabby.


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