Le week-end #3

Another busy weekend, but this one was spent getting through the list of chores that have been building up since the start of the year.  It was *finally* dry and sunny on Saturday so we set about sorting out the garden. As a bit of perspective, this is what our garden looked like in December, before we moved in…and still does.


Yep, it really is totally empty. And made up of very soggy clay. And stones. Lots of stones.

Needless to say, the wet weather hasn’t been exactly cohesive in terms of being able to get anything done in a garden that’s essentially an empty, claggy mess. We’ve been waiting for the ground to start to dry, but after 2 months of being here and no sign of that in sight, we thought we’d just go for it and take advantage of a sunny, clear day.

Saturday started with a relaxed breakfast at home, followed by a trip out and about for garden supplies, and then home for a lot of planning.

IMG_9971 IMG_9977 IMG_9979 IMG_9983IMG_9987

After 3 garden centre trips (and another 3 with my Mum today), we eventually dug in one half of the edge of what will be our path (Chris did most of the work, I mostly observed and tried to be helpful), and added in some horticultural sand into the areas I’m planning to plant up first. Then we decided these guys had the right idea, and we decided to give up and join them in crashing out.


Side note- I love that our hellebore is starting to come out. It looked beautiful in the morning sunshine.


And finally, Como has been showing off his big, wobbly belly a lot. Gosh, my cat is round, but just look at that face. Gorgeous.



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