A Tale of Two (Greek) Cats

*non-cat people, please ignore this post*


Introducing the two laziest newest members of our household, Como (front) and George. They’ve been with us just over a week and are getting settled, causing trouble and sleeping a lot.

I’ve grown up with cats, and as much as Chris and I would both love a dog, with us both at work full time, it just wouldn’t be fair on it to be left at home all day. Given that cats are more independent, and still gorgeous to have around, we’ve known for a long time that one day we’d give some rescue cats a home.

We found these two through our local Cats Protection, who have been great helping us through the process. First of all going to see them in their Cat Fosterer’s care, then a home visit and advice before eventually bringing them home with us. What is really bizarre with these two is their history. Listed on the Cats Protection as a boy (George, 10 months) and a girl (Gabby, 5 years), when we visited them, we learnt that they have come here from Greece. Ok, I thought (knowing the huge numbers of cats you see on Greek streets), they must have been strays. Two cat passports later, we discovered they’ve always had owners and given they are both a little on the tubby side they’ve obviously not been deprived of food! We still have no idea why/how they came to be here from Thessaloniki and Athens, but they are now our two gorgeous Greek cats.

The next twist in the story? Getting them home and looking at the passports, it turns out that Gabby is actually very much a he. Given that we’d spent ages coming up with a female name we liked with a nod to their Greek roots, a rethink was required and eventually we settled on Como (no reference to Greece at all!). As for George, he just is a George- definitely.

They’re settling in, and whilst George is the more confident of the two, he is essentially still a kitten and he does tend to butt in a little bit too much when we’re trying to coax shy Como out to see us. They came from totally different homes, but seem to have developed a real bond on their trans-European travels, and love being together. For us, having 2 cats means that they have each other for company whilst we’re at work so I’m really pleased they get on so well.

I’m looking forward to them settling in completely and their true personalities coming out.

Welcome to the house George and Como.


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