Taking Stock

One of the things on my blog to do list for 2014 was to look for some ‘tag’ posts to take part in. I spotted this one on Louisa’s blog last week (make yourself a cuppa, grab a comfy seat and check it her lovely blog here– you may be there a while).


So, here goes my attempt at what I’ve been up to recently…

  • Making our new home look all cosy, bit by bit. A few lampshades and new cushions in the living room have made a big difference.
  • Cooking a lot of Slimming World recipes and enjoying more than not- they do seem to like adding huge unnecessary quantities of stock! Although I really, really would do anything for a bag of mini eggs right now.
  • Drinking beautiful combinations of drinks prepared by Chris all incorporating the new addition to our drinks cabinet, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur. My favourite has been a Parisian Mojito- delicious.
  • Reading A Tale for the Time Being‘ by Ruth Ozeki- the latest book for Bloggers’ Book Club. I’m so behind on this, but it’s a great read.
  • Wanting to get our house all sorted. I’m so impatient that I want it all to look finished and homely already but I need to appreciate that this takes time.
  • Looking out of the window, at the raindrops falling down and making patterns on the glass.
  • Playing with the new cats, Como and George. They seem to equate playing with an old shoelace with bonding.
  • Wasting too much time in the mornings lying in bed and reading blogs on my phone.
  • Fixing (repeatedly) the cat toy that George has now chewed through three times.
  • Deciding where we want to go on holiday this year since we tried to book the beautiful Shepherd’s Hut we stayed in September only to find out it is unavailable for the ‘foreseeable future’. I’m worried it’s been swept away in the storms.
  • Wishing that this run of storms would just stop already. I know we have no control but it’s just been incessant. My parents’ house is fine so far, but the houses at the end of their road are being flooded now.
  • Enjoying evenings of actually seeing Chris and curling up on the sofa to relax after a long day.
  • Waiting to start my new job- I accepted two weeks ago and still have no start date- damn you internal recruitment!
  • Liking the fact that it’s the Winter Olympics- constant entertainment.
  • Wondering what our house will be like in a year’s time once we’re properly settled (and have floor finishes rather than concrete downstairs).
  • Loving that it’s the time of year I can have beautiful daffodils and tulips in my house again.
  • Pondering what to do with the garden. If it ever stops raining.
  • Considering just giving up on garden planning until about May. I’ve been waiting for our clay soil to dry out a bit before I get started, but then I heard this week that the groundwater levels aren’t likely to drop until late spring and that puts my plans on hold!
  • Watching a lot of Sochi 2014.
  • Hoping that the rain stops. The groundwater levels in Hampshire are just ridiculous, check out this Environment Agency monitoring chart– madness, that sharp line up at the end. We’ve been ok in Hampshire recently, only because we’re on chalk. Now the aquifers are full chaos is descending.
  • Marvelling at all the little details I notice as I go about my day- little blossoms still in bloom, catkins, mossy bricks…
  • Needing to keep making time for myself. I’ve felt rather indulgent doing that over the past few weeks as I tend to feel guilty if I’m not doing something, but it leaves me in a much better place if I’m able to relax a bit.
  • Smelling the rain. I know this sounds bonkers, but I love that smell.
  • Wearing cosy knits, comfy tees and my new M&S patent loafers. Gosh I sound middle-aged.
  • Following lots of new people on Twitter thanks to Sunday night #lbloggers chats.
  • Noticing that I can no longer hear anyone on incoming or outgoing calls since I dropped my phone into a sink full of water last night. Oops.
  • Knowing a lot more about Terns than I did this time last week.
  • Thinking that I just want to go outside more but it’s so dreary, come on weather!! 
  • Feeling appreciated- I’ve had so many good wishes from colleagues about my new job and getting made PERMANENT.
  • Admiring my new Foxy necklace. I love that he’s on a long chain so every time I look down he makes me smile.
  • Buying a new Pine bench for my kitchen. It arrived on Wednesday and I love it.
  • Getting excited about the photography course I’m off to on 8 March.
  • Bookmarking SO many new blog discoveries after taking part in the Lifestyle Bloggers #lbloggers chat on Twitter last Sunday evening- still making my way through them.
  • Opening (and then gagging, urgh) lots of smelly cans of cat food. How does the smell permeate the whole fridge?!
  • Giggling at this amazing David Attenborough tweet thread (here)- Attenborough take on Fresh Prince, anyone?
Wow, this tag was a lot longer than it seemed when reading Louisa’s.
Whew, I’m off for a cup of tea!

One thought on “Taking Stock

  1. Ooh thanks for the shout out (gald you liked the post as well). It’s a lovely tag to do, even if it does take a bit of time to work through all the questions.
    I really have to remember the Sunday night #lbloggers chat – I always end up missing the start of them or having to go out halfway through but it is a fab source for finding lovely blogs to read. 🙂 x

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