Testing Times


A few weeks ago, I took a walk from my parents’ house on my own on a beautiful sunny afternoon- you know that gorgeous, low light that only winter days have?



They live very close to the River Test, and although the water levels were high when I visited last and took these photos, the river has now breached its banks in several places through the town they live in. The Army have even been drafted in to artificially breach its bank in farmland to the north of the town, so the waters can flood there rather than the town’s centre and today there’s been a whole coach load of Navy staff in their road alone.


As much as we have (luckily) not been too affected by the rising waters, it’s easy to see how terrible this much water can end up being. This has all seemed so close to home, and is the first time in my lifetime that the waters have been anywhere near this high. I grew up in this town since I was 3 (1989 onwards) and although there’s been the odd winter where the houses at the other end of the road had their toilets backing up due to the water levels, I’ve never known it even close to flooding.


My thoughts are with anyone affecting by this on-going crisis and I hope that the waters subside before too long- I’m not sure how much more our rivers can take.


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