Sunday Bakes #1

I’ve realised recently that my usual Sunday morning repetoire is not the most productive. Chris golfs most weekends, teeing off at 7:00 and isn’t back until nearly noon, so I have a tendency to embrace my inner sloth and lounge around until finally getting up just before he gets home. Whilst I might think I need the sleep, actually I then feel behind and groggy all day and never really get anything done.

Last weekend, I realised that if I lie in a little bit I really can have the best of both worlds- a decent amount of sleep AND get something done. I love baking, but it’s something I tend not to bother with- in a household of two and with one of us on a diet there’s not a lot of cake we can get through between us. So, Sundays are perfect for me to indulge my inner Nigella and also for then distributing said cakes to both our offices the next day- it’s win-win, surely?


This week? Nigella’s Cappuccino Cupcakes from How to be a Domestic Goddess. I’ve only had a forkful, but the icing on these is seriously divine.

For the cakes, mix 125g caster sugar (Nigella says golden, but I just used normal), 125g butter (I used stork), 125g self raising flour, 2 large eggs, 1tsp vanilla essence, 1 tsp baking power and 1 heaped tbsp instant espresso powder until smooth. Add 2-3 tbsp milk until the mixture resembles a loose batter, divide into 12 muffin cases and bake in a preheated oven at 200C for 20 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

Once cooled, then you can make the icing. Nigella’s recipe was very runny*, and I ended up using a load more icing sugar, so this is my adaption on her glorious white chocolate frosting. Melt 30g butter and 80g white chocolate slowly in a microwave- I heated mine slowly on medium and stirred every minute or so until the chocolate had just melted. As long as the mixture isn’t too hot (if it is, just leave it to cool a little), then mix in 250g of sifted icing sugar gradually until the mixture becomes stiff enough to spread over the cakes. Lastly, sprinkle with a dusting of cocoa power through a tea strainer. Grab the paper, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy.


Oh, and if you’re passing by on a Sunday morning, do call in. I suspect I’ll have some sort of cake or bake on the go…

*If you want to use Nigella’s recipe, then it’s the same method, but 60g butter, 160g white chocolate and 280g icing sugar. I followed this but it took 500g of icing sugar until it was thick enough and I ended up using 500g in total- enough to ice 24 cakes!

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