Le week-end #2

Another relatively chilled weekend here which has been blissful. Lots of catching up with friends and family and lounging around with the cats. Somehow, the weather here was beautiful today- how unexpected!

Friday night was spent chilling out with my 2 new favourite boys. George was pulling out all the charm stops for Valentine’s Day.


While we had no plans at all on Saturday, we popped out to the supermarket (exciting news, I know) and had a steady stream of people popping in for a cuppa. Lots of tea was drunk and a lot of Sochi was watched- the USA vs Russia Ica Hockey game was so close!

Saturday was also the day when Como really came out of his shell a little more. Still very apprehensive, but they’ve only been here a week and he is no longer always in hiding.


I started my Sunday in the kitchen- cakes, today’s dinner, tomorrow’s dinner and a jar of preserved lemons were all prepared- I feel rather organised!

After a quick catch up over a cuppa with Chris’s best friend yesterday, we planned an impromptu brunch for Sunday out at a new cafe I’d heard good things about. We drank a lot of coffee and ate a rather large quantity of food, followed by a little trip to a local Antiques fair.


I picked up a few little bits (more on that later in the week).


It actually didn’t rain for a whole day today- incredible. Look at those blue skies earlier this afternoon.



I hope the weather was as glorious wherever you spent your weekend. I also fitted in time for getting my head around basic HTML and have made a few blog tweaks like my photo on the homepage and new social media buttons. Very simple, but I’m rather proud of myself for working out how to add it all in!



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