Still rising

My thoughts are with those affected by the hideous weather we’re still experiencing in the UK. Luckily, the worst that’s happened to me is that my trains to work are cancelled due to the excess water causing the embankment to collapse down the line. Instead, it’s a rail replacement service to the next station followed by another train or otherwise I’ll drive. Considering how bad things are elsewhere we’re pretty thankful to live on a hill and outside the floodplain!

Last Wednesday I was down on the Solent, and considering the high winds, rainfall and tidal surge, I was not surprised to encounter a VERY choppy sea.

IMG_9660 IMG_9661 IMG_9662 IMG_9664

This is a site I go to once every other month or so, but I’ve never seen the water so high. The reedbed is where the River Meon comes to the sea, and somewhere under all that water are a load of signs which are normally way above the top of the water.

And just look at those groynes- barely visible!


One thought on “Still rising

  1. I can’t believe some of the flooding we’ve had – it just seems to bad everywhere.
    There’s houses and pubs on roads about 30 mins away from us that sre completely submerged! x

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