Le week-end #1

In an effort to make more of my free time, I’m planning to start documenting what I’ve been up to on my days off via photographs- here’s what I’ve been up to over the last 2 days.

Saturday was entirely cat related- we picked up the two new, furry additions to the family at 9:00 and spent the day milling around the house or seeing family while they settle in. They’re restricted to downstairs only for now. Como has been living inside our Pin City Amsterdam which was on the floor and is now covered in fur! Luckily there are no pins in it at the moment…


As for George? He’s taken to hiding inside the coffee table. He’s definitely the braver of the two (and going to be trouble too, given that he’s not even 10 months old yet), and once he’s built up a bit of trust he’s been coming out and going gooey for a good old belly rub. Such a charmer- he spent yesterday afternoon winking at and rolling about for my sister.


While the cats settle in, we’ve been trying to spend some time in the same space as them without hassling. This has been a great excuse to get on with things in the kitchen, so I’ve been baking away this morning- cappuccino cupcakes and banana muffins à la Nigella. Given that I’m trying to cut back on sweet treats, these will be for Chris’s colleagues once they’ve been iced.

IMG_2731 IMG_2736

I think Spring has officially sprung early as well and I’m enjoying filling my home with cut bulb flowers. I know we’ve had a real run of horrid weather, but it hasn’t exactly felt like Winter really has it? I’m half expecting a freezing, snow-filled end to February to make up for the mild season so far. We’ve only had 2 frosts that I can think of this year- very bizarre.


Finally, we spent Sunday afternoon in Portsmouth and had a lovely lunch at Pizza Express, courtesy of Clubcard vouchers (such a great deal). I have to say I very much enjoyed putting the diet on hold for a meal.

IMG_2749 IMG_2751

Once home, it was time to enjoy Sunday my favourite way- chilling out on the sofa with a whole pot of coffee having a chat about our weeks and generally catching up. We’ve both been so busy recently that we’ve rarely had an evening together this week, so it’s been good to have a bit of time just us.


Tonight, I’m looking forward to having a bit of a pamper session before the new working week begins.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends and found time to relax and have fun.


2 thoughts on “Le week-end #1

  1. Those boys will soon settle in.I got a rescue in nov.Her name is slinky malinki after the story book cat.I didn’t change her name as she kind of suits it. She is still quite timid but is coming out of her shell

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