Ten Things #6 20.12.2013


  1. Seeing a kestrel coming in to land on a streetlight just as we drove underneath it.
  2. A little pre-move in tour of our new home.
  3. Discovering that I actually rather enjoy packing. Which is good as we’ve had an entire flat to pack up! Christmas decorations are staying up as long as possible though.
  4. Remembering how much I love old episodes of Friends- it’s been my packing company over the weekend. It’s great to discover that an episode I’d seen many times still had me giggling away.
  5. Visiting my parents for a cup of tea and being very jealous of their lovely Christmas tree.
  6. A work trip out to a site that is usually permit only led me to discover that this site was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely magical even and it made me feel incredibly privileged to be there. I’m already applying for that permit in my mind…
  7. A delicious work Christmas lunch with great company. I am very lucky with my colleagues.
  8. Catching up with an old friend. And her leading me to this. Apologies if you’ve never worked with brand guidelines and it means nothing, but I found it hilarious!
  9. Seeing a flock of city centre redwings on my way to work on Friday.
  10. And finally- knowing that we get the keys to our new house later today. SO excited.

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