Mijn Lieveling Winkels*


After lounging around for a while flicking through a few magazines in a favourite cafe, and wandering the streets of canal houses, there is nothing better in Amsterdam than a bit of boutique window shopping, so here are a few of my picks.


Juffrouw Splinter (Prinsengracht 230)- nestled just outside the famous ‘nine streets’, this little gem is a trasure trove of vintage and retro-inspired bits and bobs for your home. Nothing you need, but a lot that you will want. It’s now my third year in a row of tracking this shop down and I can still never remember which of the ‘grachtengordel’ canals this sits on!

IMG_9205 IMG_9164

By Popular Demand (Radhuisstraat 2)- filled to the rafters with all sorts of homey things- stationery, kitchen bits, books. Hard to describe but perfect for finding interesting presents.

IMG_9134 IMG_9139 IMG_9135

The Otherist (Leliegracht 6)- gorgeous, gorgeous interior things for your home. Impossible to describe but essential for a visit.


Skins Cosmetics (Runstraat 11)- undoubtedly the most luxe feeling beauty shop I’ve ever stepped foot into. Beautifully presented but it does rather make you feel that you can’t afford to be there!


de Weldaad (Reestraat 1)- newly discovered on this shop, this boutique sells unusual home items, antiques and decorations. I picked up a beautiful glass tulip vase (a smaller version of the ones for hyacinths) here and it’s love.


Shop de Ville (Staalstraat 11)- in a way similar to By Popular Demand, great for gifts and with quite an extensive children’s section.


Droog (Staalstraat 7b)- if you like high end design or interiors then this is a must for it’s collection and exhibition of sleek, modern and functional homewares and furniture. I can only dream…

*My favourite shops


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