Dutch Treats


One of my favourite shops to visit in the Netherlands is HEMA. It’s ridiculously hard to describe- it literally sells everything- a lot of really cheap but good quality basics always with fantastic attention to detail. There’s a TripAdvisor review that describes it as a cross between Woolworths and IKEA and I think that’s about right. Whilst in the past I’ve bought myself and my sister one of their basic snoods for €5 (these are amazing!), this time I stumbled across the Stationery section and was not disappointed.


I can hear my Mum in my head as I type ‘Josie Rosanna you do not need another notebook…’ but this one is beautiful and for €2.95 I couldn’t resist! I also picked up some beautiful stickers, washi tapes, page markers and stamps. I’ve been after a set of alphabet stamps for ages, so these were a steal at €2.50.

Next time you’re in the Netherlands, keep an eye out for HEMA- you may surprise yourself!


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