Ten Things #5 13.12.2013


1. Drinking fresh mint tea on a cold day.

2. Discovering a beautiful interiors shop in Amsterdam.

3. Relaxing with a coffee in the hotel bar before our flight home. I felt very smug all wrapped up in the warm when it was cold and drizzly outside.

4. A Brass Band playing Christmas Carols outside Waitrose

5. Having a coffee in the newly opened cafe above a local gallery- expect more on that one soon. The Passionfruit and Orange fruit tea was divine.

6. Buying some beautiful little reindeer in Sainsbury’s. I saw them in another lady’s basket and dragged Chris around the Christmas aisles until we tracked them down!

7. Bumping into good friends in Ikea and spending Wednesday night with others.

8. Making my first batch of mince pies and giving my Christmas mug it’s first use.

9. Spending the evening drinking mulled wine and exploring Winchester Christmas market with colleagues last night. I found some perfect presents.

10. Feeling festive- inspired by another blogger, I’ve strung up some twigs with baubles and added a fee candles round and about. Mulled wine and baked Camembert added to the feeling.


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