Favourite Amsterdam Coffee Spots

Technically, these are what we would call ‘coffee shop’s but in Amsterdam, that’s a whole different thing! These are some of the ‘chains’ that we regularly visit on our trips, but I have to say that the Dutch generally do very good coffee (better than here!) and I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed.


Bagels and Beans– We first went to the branch on Radhuisstraat when we first visited Amsterdam in 2005 and have been back ever since. Literally does what it says on the tin with a vast array of bagels, huge mugs of coffee and plenty of cake options too if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Their De Pijp branch on Ferdinand Bolstraat is probably my favourite of the ones I’ve visited.

Coffee Company– I swear this chain are expanding at a very fast pace- I spot new branches every time I visit! We like to visit the one on Waterlooplein but it can be a bit full of hipster students. I spotted one on Berenstraat that looked particularly appealing too. Lovely coffee and well styled outlets.

De Koffie Salon– I’m a little bit gutted that we didn’t make it to one of their branches this time- lovely coffee and a bit more grown up and less hectic than the other two somehow. Again, we’re a fan of the De Pijp branch- on Van Der Helstraat. Perfect to put your feet up after trawling the Albert Cuyp market or visiting the Heineken Experience.

And for a particularly Dutch bite to eat along with that coffee?

Appeltaart– According to some online research I did before our trip last year, the place to go is De Taart van mijn Tante (my aunt’s tart) on Ferdinand Bolstraar in De Pijp. I did have their appeltaart last year and it was delicious, but pretty much any Dutch cafe will have this on the menu.


Uitsmijter– essentially a fried egg on sliced bread, you can jazz this up all manner of ways- met kaas (cheese), met ham, met spek (bacon) or any combination of these. We both went for an uitsmijter met ham en kaas for brunch one day at Cafe Nielsen on Berenstraat. It may not look like much but it truly was delicious.


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