Unexpected Airport Reading


The trouble with travelling with hand luggage only, is that I tend to save all my space for clothing, and not for in-travel entertainment. Hence why I tend to pick up rather random magazines on my travels- easy to carry and beautiful to flick through. Over the past few weeks, I’ve amassed quite a collection.

  • vtwonen– even if I have reading material with me, I always pick up this magazine when I’m in the Netherlands. Although my Dutch is rather basic, I can still skim read this ok, and it’s interiors spreads are both inspiring and envy inducing. Another good Dutch homes magazine which I couldn’t find on this trip is 101 Woonideeën– also well worth a flick through. In fact, one of my favourite things to do in Amsterdam is find a cafe and while the hours away flicking through a magazine or two- so many cafes there have a very well stocked magazine rack for clientele to browse through.
  • LandLove– I picked this one up when I arrived at Hannover airport well over an hour before I could even check in. With no wifi available, I resorted to the airport newsagents- really pleasantly surprised! I’d always thought of this magazine as an inferior version of The Simple Things, so I was never sold- when faced with a rather small section of ‘International Press’ this suddenly seemed rather appealing and it’s great- full marks!
  • Living at Home Spezial (hand made)– Again, acquired in Germany but this time to fill the time whilst waiting for my sister to arrive and meet me at her local train station. I cannot understand a word of the text, but there are some lovely DIY ideas that I really like the look of.
  • Allure– I’ve heard of this American magazine on various beauty blogs where it is raved about. I’d never had the chance to read this publication before, so decided it might help me pass time at Hannover (as LandLove above!)- it’s ok, fairly standard glossy publication, but I’m not sure I’d bother again. Call me fickle, but the paper is that horrible thin and shiny stuff usually reserved for Heat magazine and free TV supplements.

In other magazine reading, my The Simple Things subscription handily fell through the letterbox a couple of days before we left for Amsterdam- perfect travel reading timing. More on that another day…


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