Weihnachtsmarkt #4- Dortmund

I’ve saved the biggest and best until last! This was a full blown affair, and we only covered around half of the individual markets scattered around Dortmund. We kicked the day off with another sausage-based meal accompanied by a lunchtime gluhwein as we wandered around Europe’s tallest Christmas tree.

IMG_9050 IMG_9052 IMG_9061

IMG_9062 IMG_9067 IMG_9066 IMG_9065 IMG_9069 IMG_9070

All in all, I enjoyed my Christmas market visits. I’d like to go back for some proper Christmas shopping one year, but I think I’d choose a different location. These were nice enough but I only saw one stall which was filled with things that I’d like to buy, so I think I might do more research as to where! I saw Kirstie’s Vintage Christmas earlier in the week and the Munich markets looked amazing- I’d love to go to a proper Bavarian market, so perhaps one for the future?


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