Christmas Drinks- The German Edition


As my computer seems to have swallowed up my Brussels photos, never to be seen again, I’m moving on from Belgium to my trip last week to Germany. My sister is working near a town called Gutersloh for 4 months, so I spent 3 nights there visiting Christmas markets and seeing what life is like on a UK Army Base.

I expected Gluhwein, but what I didn’t expect was the massive array of drinks on offer!

A sample of some of the drinks that I tried, which you might like to recreate at home:

Glühwein- Much like our mulled wine, traditionally  made from red wine combined with spices such as cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar.

Kirsch-Glühwein– Glühwein with a dash of Kirsch (cherry liqueur).

Amaretto Apfelsaft– Warmed apple juice with Amaretto- delicious.

Amaretto Schokolade– Hot chocolate, with added Amaretto and optional schlagsahne (whipped cream) as shown above.

Heiße Hugo– I’ve already spoken of my love for the traditional, cold Hugo here, but this is a heated version, perfect for a winter’s evening. Consisting of white wine, elderflower syrup and lime, get the recipe here and try it yourself. Although this one sounds weird, it’s actually lovely and I have to say mine was a little stronger tasting than just wine, but adding a shot of something stronger seems to be a bit of a thing with these German Christmas drinks!

Eierpunsch– Think Eggnog. This cannot be described, but essentially it’s a hot, egg based punch. Try it for yourself, it really is indescribable- recipe here.

And those that I didn’t sample, but would love to try:

Schuss Glühwein– Glühwein with an added shot of something stronger.

Lumumba– Taking it’s namesake from the assassinated Congolese politician Patrice Lumumba, this is a hot chocolate with a difference- added rum. This was advertised at virtually every stand along with a variety of other incarnations- choose your liqueur and give it a try!

Feuerzangenbowle– This one comes with it’s own specially shaped mug, where a rum soaked sugar lump is set on fire in the mug itself, accompanied with mulled wine. Basically a more hardcore glühwein.

Have you tried any of these? Any new ideas for Christmas drinks?


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