Ten Things #5 06.12.2013


1. Hot apple juice with Amaretto- wintry bliss.

2. Chatting with a lovely German lady on the train to Dortmund.

3. Buying my new diary for 2014.

4. Finding an amazing glass fox bauble in Gutersloh.

5. This news story about an eagle stealing a camera and taking selfies.

6. The free breakfast we got flying with BA. After so many budget flights, I’d forgotten airlines used to give you meals!

7. Finding my favourite De Ruijter tins at Waterlooplein market for €2.50 each.

8. Pinching the Joules christmas catalogue from my sister’s post pile for a quick flick through.

9. Hema. Just in general- please bring your lovely shops to the UK?

10. Dutch Starbucks’ speculoos latte. It’s probably the same as our gingerbread version but I’m going to pretend it’s not! I don’t tend to head to Starbucks abroad, but this one was in our hotel and our cold hands were very grateful!

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