Christmas Drinks- The Tea Edition

It’s December, and the festive season is now in full swing. One of my favourite things about this time of year is the smells of Christmas- wood smoke, street-seller roasted chestnuts, mulled wine…


So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Christmas tastes rate pretty highly on my favourites list too. There’s only so many mince pies, stollen and christmas cake that can be eaten each year, so I like to switch up some of my more regular drinks habits to reflect the season too. Last year it was Christmas teas from Lov Organic, the year before I had some Bodum versions, and this year I picked up some tea heaven in Brussels.

I’ve never before heard of Palais Des Thés before, but I love tea so much that when I spied their perfectly presented tea shop on Halle Aux Blés, I knew I had to head inside. The shop was welcoming and warm, and the sample of one of their festive teas really did brush off the cold Belgian weather. Although I love flavoured teas, Chris isn’t always so keen, so I opted for a sampler set of their ‘No 25’ range- Christmas teas flavoured with citrus, rose, almond and spices. The set has 4 little tins filled with white, green, black and rooibos versions of the tea. So far I’ve tried the white tea (delicate and relaxing with a tiny bit of sugar added) and am currently sipping on a mug of milky black tea as I type. It’s not so pungent as a chai can sometimes be, instead a warming, subtle mix of Christmas cheer.

I know what I’ll be drinking until Christmas- I just hope they last that long!


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