The perfect antidote?

After my highly unpleasant flight company out to Germany, I had the complete opposite experience on a German train on Saturday. I guess that old saying- what goes around comes around- may well be true.

Having spent most of my journey to Dortmund standing up, when the train eventually emptied out, I found an empty seat. Having had a bit of a chat with my sister in the row behind, the elderly German lady next to me asked if we were English and what dialect we were speaking in as she didn’t understand it. She explained that her English was only what she had learnt at school, proper BBC English I think, so she couldn’t understand us. My German is non-existent so we chatted in broken English for the rest of the journey. I love having chats with strangers sometimes, and hearing about how this lady was off to Dortmund for her sister’s 87th birthday. It was beautiful to feel so welcomed by a local.

It turns out there are lovely people in his world and for that I am very thankful.


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