One is not amused

Whilst I had hoped to be all up and running on the blog once we’d unpacked, Mr BT has had other ideas and won’t be coming to install our phone and internet until 7 January. Hence this face.


As I cannot cope with writing proper posts on my phone with only limited 3G, I’ll be somewhat MIA on here for a while.

I am looking forward to getting back online and posting as usual, but I have to say limited internet is quite blissful.

More soon and Season’s Greetings.



Winter walk round Brockholes Nature Reserve.

A lovely post from Sharon of Sunshines and Celandines about Brockholes near Preston. Only just off the motorway if you’re passing!

Sharon’s blog is also well worth a read in itself- filled with lovely photos and adventures.

sunshine and celandines

I recently realized Its very nearly the end of December and I hadn’t posted a #take12trips entry for this month. Yikes! Clare from Need Another Holiday started the idea off in the bloggersphere ~ encouraging other bloggers to get up off their behinds and visit one new place each month and write a little about it. Well as I absolutely need to get off mine ( totally over indulged this Christmas! ) I persuaded Wil that a good walk in the countryside was in order. We drove to Brockholes nature reserve just off junction 31 of the M6 near Preston. I have been here before as the amazing floating visitor centre has hosted the odd farmers market and craft fair. But today was all about the fresh air and wildlife. We picked up a free map from the interactive welcome centre and set off to walk the route round the…

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A thought has entered my mind- raccoons. I don’t know what has prompted this, but I’ve suddenly remembered that these rascals of creatures look delightful with their little bandit masks. I think I would rather like to see one in the wild.

But I suspect for now, I will have to settle for lusting after these instead.

Raccoon Plushie, £10.00 via Etsy

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Bloggers Book Club #2

You may remember that way back in September, I spoke about the Blogger’s Book Club here? Well, it’s back with it’s second installment. Again organised by Alice and Jenny, you can find out more here if you want to join in too. This time’s book? A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. I loved The President’s Hat, so am looking forward to getting stuck in with this one over the remaining festive period.

Best of Board Games

Can I let you in on a little secret? Board games are my favourite part of Christmas. Sitting down with friends or family, bowls of nibbles, a good drink and an amazing board game is so relaxing- especially with a real fire in the background (I love my parents’ woodburner). So, here’s a little list of my absolute favourites.

Mapominoes– literally my favourite game ever! There was a Christmas Day incident a few years back where my sister (in her twenties…) may have shed a few tears and being torn away from The Only Way is Essexmas for a round of this one. Imagine a game of dominoes, but instead of numbers, you have countries. Other than that description (which is awful), you just have to play it- it’s amazing fun.

The Logo Game– if you want to realise how much of a capitalist, consumerist culture we live in, then this is for you. Quick to pick up, easy to play and fun for all ages. This one is particularly funny to play with Chris’s parents as his Dad inevitably loses which does not go down well!

Articulate– you know the one! Describing the word on the card without actually saying it? Hours of entertainment.

Absolute Balderdash– kind of like call my bluff. Each round you have to all make up a definition of something, which will be read out along with the real answer- the aim is to work out which one is real, but somehow the true answers are normally more ridiculous than the ones that are made up. This also gets funnier the more drinks that are downed whilst playing it.

Cluedo– I love this one. So much so, I’ve got an exact system for recording my guesses and thoughts on the litle pre-printed sheet. I actually bought a new copy half price in Tesco about a month ago, so worth looking around for some good deals.

Monopoly– a true classic. And one that I never play because EVERY time I suggest it I get the response  of ‘But we’ll be here all night’ …Yes, and?

Now, down that mince pie and get on with a board game or two. Nothing like a bit of competitive spirit before sitting down to Christmas dinner!

Time for Tea #3- Winchester Sunday Tea


While clearing out the tea shelf (yep, there is an entire shelf in my kitchen dedicated to tea), I came across a lot of forgotten loose leaf teas. Now that I’ve finished off the black tea version of the No.25 samplers I bought in Brussels, I needed something light but warming and when I came across this one, it fitted the bill perfectly. It’s a lovely black tea with Vanilla and I love this one fairly milky on a cold afternoon.

They say:

A malty Assam leaf tea refined with Bourbon vanilla pieces – the highest quality vanilla money can buy.

Vanilla lovers, this blend is for you. We recommend you try it with foamed milk and a piece of cane sugar.

Amsterdam revisited


Many months ago, I discovered this beautiful set of Amsterdam snapshots at a Car Boot Sale. I don’t know when they date from but I just knew I wanted to frame these shots of my favourite place. Chris came up with the idea at the time of tracking down the locations and seeing what they look like today. Which is what we did…

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