A little consideration

Sometimes it baffles me just how selfish some of our fellow citizens can be. Having just arrived in Germany, I arrived at my seat on the plane to find that the man sitting next to me had pinched my window seat, proceeded to put his suitcase under the seat in front of him (thus blocking his leg room) and spread out to take a lot of my leg room and the shared arm rest. The window seat I didn’t mind losing, the legroom isn’t such an issue as my legs are so short anyway but the lack of manners was appalling- I simply wouldn’t dare behave that way towards someone else.

Upon landing, he barged his way through with a brisk ‘excuse me’ then decided to stand right in the way of my overhead locker. When I asked him to move so I could retrieve my bag and coat from the overhead locker I was met with a brisk grunt and a sideways shuffle by way of centimetres. Thank you indeed!

I don’t like to rant but there is no need to behave in such a self centred way. The only difficulty is that on such a flight I had no idea if this man was English so decided it was easier to put up with it and sleep through the flight instead. Next time though, I think I will confront such rude behaviour. I suppose my silence only allowed him to get away with acting like such a jerk.

A little consideration is not hard, does not take much but will gain you a little more respect in future, sir!


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