Home Sweet Home


So, I suspect you may be wondering about our new house. Which is very much a house, not a home just yet- I think there is a big difference between the two meanings. A house is the bare bones, a home is what you yourself make it- welcoming, unique and full of happiness.

I was hoping to be able to share some pictures of our house, before it has become a home. However, my iPhoto has decided to keep all these photographs to itself and they will not be coming anywhere near me any time soon! So instead, I present to you an idea that embodies the feelings of warmth and comfort that a home provides: The Budget Hibernation.

Yup, you heard right. Hibernation. On a budget. I mentioned earlier this month in my ‘Relax’ post (read it here), how I was inspired to try our Ruth Crilly’s hibernation. Now as lovely an idea as it is, a lot of the suggested things needed for such hibernation were pretty expensive, so instead, I set about to create a perfect hibernation nest using only what I had to hand. Which worked a treat.

IMG_0581 IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0578

Although Ruth’s suggestion is not to ‘nest’ on a work night, Chris and I tucked ourselves up with a book each, plenty of blankets and a hot water bottle and hibernated (on a Tuesday). It was bliss- strange how just leaving your phone in another room at night instantly switches off that digital fix that requires you to needlessly check your phone every few minutes. We pretty swiftly felt relaxed enough to forget all about work, and the chaos that our landlord and his builders had left in our living room a few hours beforehand and became engrossed in our books*.

Try it yourself. You can watch Ruth’s video about creating your own ‘nest’ here and how to hibernate here if you like, but essentially, all you need is a cosy space (I loaded up our bed with a second duvet, extra pillows, as many blankets as I could find and a hot water bottle each), dim lights (we went for candles), a relaxing scent (room spray and candles), a warm drink of your choice, relaxed and comfortable clothing and a good book (optional, you can skip this part and get straight to the sleeping). Oh, and a total digital detox, so TVs, laptops, phones, iPads etc are strictly prohibited for one night only.

Have you hibernated? Do you fancy trying it out?

This post belatedly (yet again!) represents Day 26- ‘Home Sweet Home’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium

*Yes, you may have spotted I am STILL reading Wolf Hall. Four years on.


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