Til Christmas

I cannot believe it, but there are only 13 working days left between me and my Christmas break and today, it’s only a month until the big day itself. I think this every month, but I have no idea where 2013 has disappeared to. Perhaps I’m getting old, but the years keep spinning by at increasingly terrifying speeds, and before I know it 2014 is just around the corner.

Whilst I try to restrain myself until December, by mid-November I can’t help but feel a little Christmassy, so to keep those feelings at bay I’ve been busy preparing some Christmas blog ideas. From this Sunday (1 December, eek!), I will be bringing to you the Tales from the Finch’s Beak Advent Calendar. Yes, a surprise from me every day of advent- you lucky, lucky people. I’ll keep the content under wraps until the month of December officially rolls around, but to make sure you don’t miss out, make sure you sign up for updates by email (You see that button over there on the right that says ‘follow’? Yep, that’s the one!), follow me via BlogLovin here, Twitter here and/or Instagram here

I’m looking forward to sharing the festive build up with you!

This post represents Day 25- ‘Til Christmas’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium


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