À bientôt Brussels

So, after 2 months of mystery surrounding my surprise trip away, I was whisked away on a train to London on Thursday morning. At this point, my destination was unknown but I was beginning to suspect that it may have involved a Eurostar journey given the direction in which we were headed.

As we hopped onto the Tube to St Pancras, my suspicions were confirmed, although it wasn’t until we’d settled down with a pre-train coffee that Chris whipped out The Rough Guide to Brussels and all was revealed. I’ve had a lovely 2 nights away, and discovered that Brussels is a beautiful city (and one you will no doubt be hearing more about over the coming days) but for now, here is a little taster of the EU capital.

IMG_0358 IMG_0375 IMG_0380 IMG_0453 IMG_0540 IMG_0548 IMG_0551

One thing is for certain though, the Belgians really love their food!


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