28 to 40

When I think of what or who motivates me, more often than not something about being successful as a woman or having a strong female role model to look up to will be somewhere on that list. Even today, I feel as though us women still really have to strive to get as far in life as men, in particular when it comes to work. I know that things are far from equal the other way, too- in particular, I think it’s very hard for men to take time off from work to look after children as the main carer when the sterotype is that this is a woman’s role.

For me, I’ve always felt that I must work particularly hard at my career at the very beginning, so that I am in a position that when I do eventually choose to take a break and have children, I will not fall behind colleagues when doing so. Despite the fact that I don’t intend to have children for quite some time, I do know that this is something I really want to do at some point and being female, I have to factor this into long-term career plans- something I think a lot of men may not even consider.

Something that I came across last week is 28 to 40– a project launched by Opportunity Now which seeks to find out what it’s like in the UK as a working woman today and what barriers are still facing us. They’ve launched a nationwide survey that it would be great if you could fill in. I’ll warn you, it’s a long one but it really made me think about a lot of my priorities in life (in a good way). You can read more about the project here and take the survey questionnaire here.

The other part? You don’t have to be aged 28 to 40, or even female to take part, so go ahead and complete the questions now! The more people who respond, the more accurate the results.

This post represents Day 24- ‘Motivations’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium

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