Ten Things #3 22.11.2013


  1. Seeing a tube train being taken on the back of a lorry, southbound on the M3- was it going to the beach?!
  2. Finding out that some friends have finally exchanged contracts on their house after having an offer first accepted in July.
  3. Nachos and NFL Sunday- standard practice here these days.
  4. Our team having a very busy workload and resulting in my manager making us all toasted teacakes with plenty of butter. And then setting off the building’s fire alarm by burning them, oops.
  5. Having an actual lunch break and meeting my Mum for a coffee.
  6. Being taken away for a surprise 2 nights away. Thanks Chris.
  7. An amazing jazz quintet playing in Winchester High Street- perfection.
  8. Drinking a very festive gingerbread latte whilst listening to said jazz quartet.
  9. I know I said it last week, but I am still in love with the beautiful sunsets at the moment.
  10. How happy my goldfish are to see me in the morning. I know they just want feeding but their little faces make me smile.


What has been the highlight of your week?


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