Some Favourites

Here’s something I didn’t know existed until taking part in #BEDN- World Television Day. Yep, that’s a real thing.

I never used to be much of a television watcher, but even then come Autumn it always seems like television season somehow. Something I’ve taken a long time to adjust to is that since moving in with Chris in January, I’ve watched quite a lot more TV than I ever used to. Including getting really into certain shows, so here’s what tops my list this year…

Elementary– It’s official, I’ve been totally converted. I originally read a review of this modern Sherlock Holmes series ages ago when I was in the midst of loving BBC’s Sherlock. I loved that show so much that I wouldn’t go and see the film versions with Jude Law when they came out as I knew they wouldn’t be the same. So, it is with complete surprise that I came to love this, even more than Sherlock- it just works. Johnny Lee Miller (hello) plays Sherlock,  Joan Watson comes in the form of Lucy Liu and the series is set against a backdrop of New York city. It’s just amazing- even if you’re a massive Sherlock fan, you won’t be disappointed. The only negatives I have is that their portrayal of London in a one off episode seemed to relocate landmarks to make it look more ‘Londoney’ for the American market, and in series 2 the lead NYPD detective- Captain Grigson- has realised he’s hit the big time and sports a slightly dodgy dye job. But aside from that- easily the best thing on TV.

Homeland– If you’ve not come across Homeland, where have you been? Even if you’ve not actually watched it, it’s compelling. I bought the DVD of Series 1 last year when on holiday and Chris and I got through it in around a week tops- addictive. It’s essentially the story of bipolar CIA agent Carrie Matheson and War Hero turned terrorist turned informant Nicolas Brody and their complex relationship. This season is quite slow paced, which I actually rather enjoy the change of pace and focus on Carrie, Chris (and his 24 fan mindset) is missing the action. If exciting plots are your thing then Series 1 is more for you, but I am really enjoying this season so far- not taking any direction’s I’d have predicted so far.

Blacklist– A new addition, and a new series. I have to say that Sky Atlantic have it made when it comes to good dramas. This is a difficult one to pin down to describe, but it’s basically set in Washington and ‘ follows a new(ish) FBI agent, Lizzie, who shoots to prominence when a career criminal (Redford) hands himself in on the basis that he will only deal with Lizzie. What ensues is a mini-drama each episode and as long as you can laugh at the terribly low budget special effects (the show would not be missing anything to just not have the effects at all), it’s a good’un.

Strictly Come Dancing– would it be Autumn without the return of Strictly? For me, nothing will beat Vince Cable’s appearance on the festive special several years back, but it’s great isn’t it?

What am I looking forward to in 2014? The return of Game of Thrones. Just need to track down series 3 which came onto TV before I’d seen a single episode, so despite devouring two seasons in about a month, I completely missed this one when it was on. Boxset here we come- roll on February 24th 2014! Another new(ish) addition to my TV watchlist (albeit on DVD) is Breaking Bad. Yes, I’m late to the party on this one, but it is GREAT.

Oh and on my Sky+ ready to crack into? The Tunnel, this season of Downton (I’ve seen 2 episodes so far. Oops) and a few guilty pleasures creep in too. Keeping up with the Kardashians, anyone?

This post represents Day 21- ‘World Television Day’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium


3 thoughts on “Some Favourites

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  2. Out of those, I’ve only seen Homeland but LOVE it. Which series are you on? I’m watching Series 3 on Channel 4 now. It’s very well written with more plot twists.

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