I’ve been dreading this topic since I first saw the #BEDN calendar back in October. Fashion posts aren’t exactly my thing. I don’t like to think I follow fashions- as much as I enjoy buying clothes and putting outfits together it is very definitely not a strength of mine and I wish I could pull off looking polished.



In recent months, I’ve been attempting to make my wardrobe staples more basic. I’d realised I bought a lot of things that I liked either because they were a bargain (and who doesn’t love one of those?) or just because I liked the item of clothing- without thinking what I could actually wear it with. I’ve been buying far fewer clothes this year than last, and I’ve been trying to restrict myself to only buying really classic pieces that won’t date, or items that I know will go with everything- an effort to create a more ‘capsule’ wardrobe of fewer items but more outfits if that makes sense?


Although I’ve always loved a good fashion magazine (Elle UK is my favourite glossy), recently I’ve been resorting to some books on style and styling to attempt to try and capture the effortless way of pulling together outfits that some women just seem to do with ease. I also love fashion photography and always pull out my favourite magazine images to cut up and stash away in a scrapbook. Getting some ideas from other people through magazines, books and blogs is easy enough, but having the confidence to try them myself is another matter. People watching tends to be my favourite source of outfit inspiration- I love hiding away in the front of a cafe somewhere and watching everyone go by.

Do you have any favourite sources of style ideas?

Lots of potential- now I just need to be brave enough to pull off the ideas I have and finally part with the ever expanding pile of unflattering/worn out/ill fitting wardrobe outcasts that are causing an ever increasing pile in the corner of our bedroom…





This post represents Day 20- ‘It’s only fashion, baby’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium




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