If you’re a new reader, you may not know that I’m a birdwatcher. I try not to let the birdy content filter onto here too much but when I saw the BEDN prompt for today it just made sense.


One of my hobbies is birds and hobbies are birds.

Falco Subbuteo. The hobby. One of the 4 falcon species native to the UK, these birds are gorgeous, agile predators. Wheeling through the air effortlessly to track down a sand martin or dragonfly prey. Not heard of one? Outside the birding community they’re not that well known unless you know your nature well. Their markings aren’t so dissimilar to their more famous cousin, the peregrine falcon, although more similar in size to another cousin- the kestrel. My favourite thing about them? The fact they look like they’re wearing russetty red breeches.


Where to find one?

Hobbies can be tricky to track down, but your best bet is to try a local wetland or river in the late spring, where you’re likely to see them swooping about chasing down their next meal.

You can check out my much neglected birdwatching blog here– Not Your Average Birders if you’d like more birdy goodness! What I have thought about for a while is a monthly bird feature- would it be of interest to my readers here or is my bird blog the only place that should be? Thoughts very welcome, please comment below.

This post belatedly represents Day 16- ‘Hobbies’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium


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